Custom Processing

A benefit of being a locally owner and operated butcher shop is that we can offer our services to the community!

We are excited to be able to give our community another option to locally process their beef and pork.

With more and more people sourcing their own food locally and the art of meat cutting dwindling, butcher shops have become overwhelmed the last few years, which prompted this service to be offered to friends and neighbors.

Recent trends in the marketplace are rapidly moving to locally sourced meats and vegetables, many local farmers, producers and fellow livestock breeders are selling their cattle directly off of the farm to consumers.

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In fact, this where Valley Oaks Meats got its start, selling bulk beef packages to our neighbors and friends strait off of the farm.

Valley Oaks Meats found a need to fill the ever-growing demand of custom processing. Valley Oaks offers custom processing with a variety of options available to suit your or your customer’s needs.

We also offer private label service that allow the producer to sell meat by the piece instead of bulk should they desire. We are a certified USDA inspected shop, so all of our products are federally inspected for you and your customers safety.

Valley Oaks Meats also implements a cutting and trimming style that is more traditional to restaurants and retail grocery as opposed to the standard “Butcher Cuts” at other shops. All of our final products are packed in the upgrade vacuum sealed bags which adds extended shelf life or freezer life to each cut of meat.

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